Narnia Final Reflection

Narnia Final Reflection


Part 1


Aslan created the world of Narnia. Like he created the animals from the ground up just like Jesus did with Adam and Eve. This is just like how Jesus created all mankind and all the animals that are in the world. So Azlan created all the creatures and animals in Narnia.


Edman betrayed Asian and Narnia. That’s just like how Judas Iscariot betrayed his master in the Bible. Judas was a big part because he was apart of the 12 apostles. Edman was a huge part too because he was a human in the world

Aslan resurrected from being killed by the witch. Just like how. Jesus resurrected from being crucified. This is very important because Azlan is The creator of Narnia, just how Jesus is the creator of everything. And Narnia wouldn’t be there without Aslan, that’s exactly like us we wouldn’t be here if Jesus was in I thing. 

Part 2


I feel like I am most like admin. Because I am very adventurous and like to see and create new things. And sometimes I put myself before other people just like he did going into Narnia and just wanted to which’s food. I also see another connection between me and admin that we both like to go on her own to explore. This image shows someone being very adventurous and going off on their own to see something new. 


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