English 8 News Article

English 8 News Article

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  Jewish man Crucified

Colton Roper

Golgotha Jerusalem

       A Jewish man by the name of Jesus was proclaiming that he is the one and only son of God. He was nailed in his hands and his feet into the cross. And was whipped severely. And after the Romans got done crucifying him he unfortunately passed away. But he promised the people that he would rise again. Jesus said “ I will rise on the third day.” 

       Jesus the Jewish man who got crucified was spreading the gospel in the word of God.  The Romans did not believe that he was the Messiah. So they went to Pilate and he said “What crime has he committed?” But the people shouted louder and louder “Crucify him.” So he did what the people wanted because he didn’t want an uproar in the city. He handed Jesus’ body over to be crucified. 


       On the way up to the hill they made Jesus carry up the cross. As Jesus was nailed to the cross he cried out “My God why have you forsaken me.” Now that he is dead on the cross they took him down and took him to Joseph’s tomb. Joseph, who has become a disciple has laid Jesus to rest in his own tomb. 

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